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At work
I guess I've never really had an opportunity to do an "at work" post because I stopped using LJ before I was a legit working human being. Technically, I'm still not one of those because I decided to do the whole grad school thing. Still.. I'm working at a summer school program teaching music theory and composition. I'm also the coordinator of all the students' main event shows at night. It's been a pretty stressful summer. I do get some fun out of finding cool/cute things to furnish my new West Philadelphia apt with, though. I feel like Philly isn't necessarily the best starter city. Why are all the "good" (and I use that word really, very loosely) universities always in or VERY close to the hood? Yale? Hood. Brown? Hood. Columbia? Hood (sorta.. some parts are type suspect) UPenn? definitely HOOD. Mmm.. whatever. As a black girl I have hopes of not sticking out when I walk through my neighborhood as a loser grad student. The large bag of books and laptop case maye gave it away though.

At least I have about 3 weeks after I move to figure it all out. I just need  sugar daddy (or mama :-P) to help put food on the dining table my mom has donated to me lol.

in due time.

Life is good.


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